Saturday, May 23, 2009

What a memory !

The little guy was intrigued to see what 'brand' my wine was tonight.....I mentioned it was his first winery - Banrock Station - in the Riverland here in SA (on the way to a huge adventure playground at Monash)

He was quick to straighten me out by reminding me of our fateful trip to the Legoman in the Barossa valley (Mandy will remember the story when we drove for an hour to see this guys Lego displays only to be turned away and told to 'come back tomorrow')

We both needed consoling that day - me at Rockford Wines (Alicante' Rose) and a museum/traintracks for him.

It was also one of my first blogs - I needed to share my story with the world (AND I had drunk one of the bottles bought that day)

Have a good weekend all......Kim

Friday, May 15, 2009


Had my first tooth removal in a chair late yesterday....the poor girl before me had all her wisdom teeth done - would hate to be in her head today!

It all went really well, had twilight sedation (which I can highly recommend) the only problem was waiting while the previous client was worked on (and listening to all the noises and seeing her stagger out afterwards) The surgeon looked worse for wear when he greeted me!

My reason for this post is that a few years back I complained of sensitivity at the dentists, and as I was in between xrays - one wasnt taken. Because I thought I had sensitivity and no other problems I didnt bother going back to the dentist.

Kept getting those pesty reminders, and just kept putting off going (even though the dentist is at my local shopping centre) Procrastination won the day (those who know me know I am the Queen of Procrastination!)

So, peoples, for the sake of the $24 it cost me for the tiny xrays - get them done to avoid this happening to you!