Monday, March 30, 2009

Hosky's do Sydney

These were taken from my Aunt and Uncle's balcony in Manly

Darling Harbour food shopping

Taronga Zoo

Just had a long weekend away in Sydney with Lauren (5). Took her to places I hadnt been - Taronga Zoo, Manly Oceanarium, Botannical Gardens, Lindt Cafe and Guylain Cafe....oh and was forced to admire the cruise ship "Millenium" every day as we passed through Circular Quay....

Monday, March 23, 2009

The day of the derailment...

Silly Sunday requires an outing to distract the troups! Yesterday was spent at a miniature train park - with a minor derailment our only issue (which wasnt too bad)

Unfortunately - technology let me down and despite much googling couldnt locate the hours of operation - will have to give them a hand there I think. Anyways we were more than half an hour early and stumbled across this park (facing Prospect Road for the locals - called Prospect Estate). It was gorgeous - lots of waterfalls and even some little fish.

There was much quiet excitement tonight - I tricked the little guy into eating some pork fillet - told him it was steak and cut it into little bits.....I am quietly jumping up and down....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Trying to wear the kids out!

Saturdays are ok in the House Of Hosky - the little guy has swimming and all our activities are centered around that.

Sundays are a different story....if we dont have anything on, we NEED to get out of the house for 2 reasons - take the kids mind off fighting each other AND the feeling that I have actually done something other than just getting a good nights sleep (I dont get much during the week)

Today, somehow, we planned a trip on a train (or 2) ended up at Belair (in the Adelaide Hills). It was going well, until it started raining....and dribbling, and raining.... probably stopped me walking the kids too far, then not being able to get them to walk back to the train anyway...

The first thing we heard when we got off the train was a kookaburra, then there was some amazing gum tree sap, horse poo, that freshly rained on bush smell, lake with ducks, then an emu joined our bush-walk just to top things off.