Friday, January 16, 2009

Crappy Friday

It was one of those days that just keep getting worse.

Carpenter arrived at 7.10am UNANNOUNCED....hey lets get it over and done with, hubby goes off at him for his poor pre-Xmas work, I hide in the adjacent bedroom too scared to make eye contact with him.

Visitors due at 11am, trying to tidy up while negotiating with carpenter, phone calls, mms's to hubby to show correct positioning (and to avoid extra drama's) Visitors arrive amongst the, their dad is renovating, they understand!

Into pool, James drowns the clothed mum on the sidelines, then attempts to semi-submerse 3yo son...preparing lunch, while going back and forth to stop carpenter leaving before he has done all the jobs, food in oven starting to burn! Make rolls, young visitor knocks my arm and plate of prepared food scatters over floor AND black glass/ceramic type plate smashes over floor into smithereens - literally thousands of tiny pieces of plate all over tiled floor - never seen anything like it! AND did I mention the vacuum just died and I have 5 kids under 7 with bare feet.

3yo boy in tears that wont stop after James yelled and smacked rings - charity worker - not now! Carpenter exits, phone rings shower screen wants to come and measure - this day was meant to be a nice day with our visitors - barely got to spoke to the mum (which is why you ask school friends over isnt it).

This was just a summary of the day - it was sprinkled with other dramas....then to work at 5.30 - Fridays are my long day at work - ahhh a rest....NUP...busy busy, broken machine, exit work at 2.30am....hubby gets up when I climb into bed at 3am (did I mention I have been up since 7am?)

Hubby doesnt return to bed (what is going on?) Hubby wakes Hosky.....couldnt sleep MAJOR issue with the bathroom - work started on this back on October 13th, 2008 and we have been showering outside ever since (well at least it is summer!)

Turns out that we are just about finished - minus said shower screen - and the shower taps are spitting the wrong water - cold side of taps/pipes is hot water! A heap of the tiles will have to come off, plumber back, tiler back, tempers flaring all over again......

Oh joy.....its going to be a brilliant week !!!


diane said...

OH Kim! How dreadful for you and the family. You are supposed to be having a happy new year. It sounded the usual fun when you have lots of little visitors but I would be really Pi**ed off at the renovation workers. I can't believe how long it is taking. We had two bathrooms renovated one after the other but on each occasion it only took one week. I'm sure someone is having a lend of you. Keep at them and don't pay the final payment until you are 100 percent happy.
Hope you have a better day today.

Tazar said...

That sounded like the Friday from hell! Hope things have improved today. Renovations so often seem to turn into a nightmare, surely it will be brilliant in the end!

yevisha said...

omg you poor thing. talk about super woman. :)

Doda said...

poog, hope your week improves!

Artoholic said...


Until recently, EVERY Friday I lived through was called "F*cked Friday".

EVERYTHING used to go t*ts up by 10am, and went speeding downhill from there.

It was no accident that every Friday evening was Cocktail Night.

I hope things pick up for you soon, and remember, vodka fixes EVERYTHING.

hosky said...


Artoholic said...

Ok Kim, it's been another week already. Was this Friday any better???

At least it's Vodka o'clock by now....

hosky said...